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Indian Year Book

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India year book is very important to read for IAS Prelims Read the tips to read India year book for IAS exam, which is also helpful in IAS. Govenerment launch India Yearbook (available in Hindi | English). So, UPSC aspirants in dilemma whether to download /read /download it or. Falling under the Compartment of Yearbook, India , is a year book with a difference. It is the only book in the market which is designed in an examination.

How to read the India year book for IAS Exam 2019?

Observe the table given below. Yes Only minor additions at page number Inko sharam bhi nhi aati.

Udan scheme added at his number Sagarmala programme added at page number Minor irrigation and water body census added at page number But that is in Bullet point heading only. From above table, it is evident that if you have India , then no need to download India If you have never read the India yearbook then yes you should go through at least the following chapters: While question may come from other chapters but it will give very poor cost benefit, given that less than 60 days are left before prelims.

You can learn more about it on unacademy. Your email address will not be published. Target Prelim Although I do not say this with negative tone after all this chapter is static in nature.

It has certain information which is not given in Laxmikanth so one has to prepare e.

Civil Services Day, Ministries and departments etc. New bolbachchan about Make in India, Digital India and women empowerment in page and Inko sharam bhi nhi aati, ki atleast namesake few paragraphs could be updated.

Ch12 Geography: If time, ch.


Nowadays too question are coming but in the depth that is beyond the stuff given in IYB. It gives a rather poor cost to benefit in pursuing it beyond a point.


So if something is better to simply skip it or engage in Try to solve previous year question papers and get them peer reviewed. If possible join a test series. You can read it anytime you want. Sir, I too am preparing for exam, so should I just keep marking in the India book, or make notes about it in a copy?

No need for notes. Try to do what I have told in the post. It will be much easier.

Anyway, IYB is not the end of the learning. You will get plenty of information from other sources as well. Much of the data from IYB is not important so you need not worry about it. If you are reading , then stick with it. There are many sources — one is India Year Book.

Also, visit the websites of each ministry to know what they are working on — schemes, acts, etc. There is one book called Governance in India by Laxmikanth. There are many other versions available like from Wizard, Arihant, etc.

You can use them. You can stick with the old edition of the IYB as not much will change. However, visit the website of each ministry mentioned in the IYB to keep yourself updated with any new relevant data like formation of committees, new schemes, Acts, etc.

Check this website: As per this, the book is going to be released soon. But why are you waiting for the version.

Go for and read the book. Most of the information will not change. Science not yet started; Environment a bit. Hello Sir, Even after all those eliminations, a lot is still left to be read.

How long does it take to reach upto step 3? It depends. Since I was working at the time I tried myself, it took a little over a week. You may take lesser time.

What I experienced from the exams is that IYB is important but not essential. Try to prioritize the stuff that you want to read and work accordingly. Hello sir, I have completed my 2nd year of engineering and wants to crack d upsc exam from what I can started my study what can I exactly do…….

I am preparing For MBA entrance exams which have gk sections.

[Yearbook] DONOT waste Time / Money in India 2019, IF you’ve IYB 2018 bcoz IYB19= Foota hua Kartoos

So will this book be helpful? Also for The interview rounds? IYB is filled with too much of data. Leave it aside and concentrate on newspapers, magazines and other sources. This book is not worth the effort. Reply awaited!! Sir, right now m in 12,, i want to clear ias exams,, without coachings can you suggest some methods to prepare for ias exams?

India Year Book is very important book. Cannot be ignored.

India Yearbook 2018 for UPSC CSE

Only time it takes during first reading when you are highlighting the main points. After that you should read only these marked lines. Revision increases when exams approach. Moreover revision is necessary to retain facts.

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Regards, Palak Mathur. Your reply made my day.

Sir , can i get india year book in hindi. And when it will available in market???If you download online, the book is available at a great discount. After that you should read only these marked lines. Recommended For You. Considerable space has been given to the Rent Question in Bengal. It is now manufacturing ATGMs of later generations, surface-to-air weapon systems, strategic weapons, launchers, under water weapons, decoys and test equipment.

Sir, right now m in 12,, i want to clear ias exams,, without coachings can you suggest some methods to prepare for ias exams? There are many other versions available like from Wizard, Arihant, etc. Find more at www. Try to prioritize the stuff that you want to read and work accordingly.